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Positioning your brand for sustainable growth

KVDNYC's distribution arm - KVDAR Inc. - celebrates its 10-year anniversary in Spring 2019.

As an exclusive North American distributor and sales management company, we have created an enviable retail network

for our client brands, and work closely with them to craft long-term growth strategies.

Our sales + distribution services include:


  • Architecting brand roll-out strategies for the U.S & Canada

  • Providing clients with cost analysis and pricing guidelines

  • Producing impactive, custom-tailored Brand Presentations

  • Selling brands in to the top major department stores, speciality stores, independent boutiques, TV shopping channels and digital platforms in the Territory

  • Forging strong retailer relationships 

  • Negotiating premium retail space and locations for client brands

  • Merchandising in-store displays

  • Interviewing, hiring, training and managing a national sales force

  • Creating seamless, coordinated processes for importing, warehousing, ordering, fulfillment, payment and tracking

  • Overseeing all day-to-day sales operations

  • Helping client brands set sales forecasts and manage inventory levels

  • Supporting client brands at retail with strategic marketing 

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